Art Journaling 122, Valentine’s Day

I plan to do this page layout with my afterschool art journal class. It involves layering crumpled tissue paper shapes with watery glue. I like how it looks somewhat like a poor man’s rice paper.
1. I folded and cut out some red tissue paper hearts, and glued them down to my paper with some dabs of glue stick.
2. I mixed up some glue and water until it was about the consistency of milk, and sparingly brushed it over my entire paper.
3. After crumpling up some large squares pink tissue paper, I smoothed them out and pressed them over the hearts. More glue was brushed over the top layer. The goal was to leave just a few wrinkles to give the paper texture. I continued until the entire paper was covered.
4. I think it will take a half hour or so for the page to dry, so I plan to have another coloring project to work on in the meantime. When dry, red Sharpie markers are used to add decoration to the hears, and also some Valentine messages. The glue-like finish makes for a nice drawing surface for markers.
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