Drawing Class Tips

I’ve been holding afterschool drawing classes for a few semesters now, and I’d love to share a few things that seem to be working pretty well. Whether you’re looking for extra income or just volunteer ideas, here’s what might help you run your own class, should you be interested.
1. I start with a quick exercise using just paper, pencil and some small plastic toys like these. The students have just a minute to slowly draw only the outside edge. When finished, they trade with their neighbor and draw that one also. They are to work slowly, noticing details are what make a good artist better.
2. My students are mostly kinder and 1st grade, so I proceed with a simple follow along drawing on the board. I've found books and websites like this and this, which start drawings with familiar shapes (oval, square, rectangle, etc.) work the best.
3. When the drawings are complete, they are traced with a black marker and then colored in with crayons. My favorite are the Crayola Twistables as they have no wrappers to peel.
4. When finished, students keep all their drawings in a professional portfolio. I’m happy to have found this ITOYO book which is pretty inexpensive when you order a 12-page version. It keeps the art protected, and lets the students proudly show off their work.
5. My class meets for an hour right after school once a week. To fill in any extra time waiting for parents, students may use Prang Metallic Markers on the portfolio cover to personalize them. These markers are permanent and look amazing on the black plastic.
Thanks so much to Lara A., a talented 1st grader, who allowed me to share her beautiful car and rooster drawing shown above.
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