Giant Paper Mache Nutcracker, Part 2

Here’s the update on my mache Nutcracker, now ready to be covered with a layer of white paper towels. The scaled figures represent 4 ft. tall students, which shows just how tall this guy is. Here’s an overview of what I have done so far:
PREP: I formed the legs, arms, body and head by taping boxes together as indicated in Part 1.
CLASS: Working in groups, students paper mached the individual legs, arms, body and head with newspaper.
PREP: When dry, I assembled the pieces together with duct tape, reinforcing the top of the arms to the body with a wooden ruler along the shoulders. The legs were also taped to the body, and reinforced on the outside with a wooden yardstick than ran from the body down to the leg. I added a cardboard visor and did some spot mache work to cover my tape.
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