The Cholera epidemic has already claimed thousands of Haitian lives including countless orphaned and abandoned children. It is feared that several hundred thousand will be afflicted. Haiti's children desperately need our help and what greater gift can we give our own, especially at this time of year, than the chance to answer this call.

If the kids in just one classroom, each contribute a dollar, they would know for the rest of their days that they saved the life of a child. And every child saved will know for the rest of their days that they were spared by children a world away who cared. We mustn’t deprive either of this momentous act of grace and I found the perfect organization to help us all realize this gift.

Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH, Sp. for Our Little Brothers and Sisters) provides orphaned and abandoned children with shelter, food, healthcare and education at facilities in 9 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Since the earthquake, NPH aka Nos Petit Freres et Soeurs (NPSF) in Haiti, has mobilized to provide food, schooling and life saving Cholera treatments to surrounding communities.

It’s important to know that the efforts of NPSF are not being hampered by the chaotic conditions in Port-Au-Prince. With facilities in The Dominican Republic, NPSF is trucking in all of the food, medicine and building materials they can pay for. What they need most right now is money. 
Please support “One Child, One World” to fight Cholera. You can access my free 25 page Help Save Haiti Mural template by clicking here. Visit our host page at http://www.friendsoftheorphans.org/one for donation instructions and information about Friends of the Orphans, NPH/NPFS and the life and the legacy of its founder Fr. William B. Wasson. 

It costs just $25 for the medicine and nutrition required to save a child with Cholera. Please take this message to your classrooms and to children everywhere that together, it’s within them to save a world by saving one child at a time. On behalf of every child, thank you.
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