Monoprint Stars

My afterschool printmaking class last week learned how to make simple monoprints. I found that given the diversity of students (and the young age) this very simple star drawing on plexiglass plates worked really well.
1. Each student worked at their own station with a 5" x 7" sheet of plexiglass, a brush, and a 1/4" wide plastic scraping tool (Q-tips didn’t work as well for me). I kept charge of the acrylic paint and squirted about a lozenge-size bit of paint on each plate.
2. The students smoothed the paint all over the plate with a flat paint brush.
3. They used their flat plastic tool to draw either a star of David or a 6-point star in the paint.
4. An 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper was placed on top, pressed lightly, and peeled off. I let me students make about 4 or 5 prints so that they were sure to have a clear one before cleaning up.
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