Student Art from Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Hi Kathy!
I have been visiting your art blog on a regular basis for the past year, and have purchased several of your murals.  I thought I would share some of the art we have been doing with your “Warm Hands” template, and the unit it inspired.
I teach in a middle/secondary school in Chilliwack, BC, Canada.  I teach grade seven students enrolled in a special Humanities Fine Arts program.  Basically, I teach English and Social Studies through art.  We also have a grade eight version of the program.
For this week long unit, I teamed up with the Humanities Fine Arts Eight teacher. We taught 120 students an integrated unit on “The Poetry of Peace”. Our guiding question for the unit was “What does peace feel like?”.

On the first day of the unit, students brainstormed answers to the question “What does peace feel/taste/smell/look/sound like?” in their Developmental Workbooks. They chose their best answers, and illustrated them on post-it notes using black sharpies. We assembled the post its in a giant mosaic. 
For day two and three of the unit, students wrote a poem about peace, and made a collage to illustrate it. The final products were made into another giant mosaic spelling out the word “Peace”.
For day four, students used your “Warm Hand” template. They colored it as you described, and added an inspirational quote about peace. They turned our beautifully. 
For the final day, we had students write a wish for the world on a small manilla luggage tag. They illustrated their tags, and attached string and beads. We had our shop teacher build a large abstract wooden tree outside our classroom for us, and students hung their wishes from the tree. It looked gorgeous! At the end of the unit we plan on mailing the wishes to Yoko Ono, who will bury them under John Lennon’s “Imagine Peace Tower” in Iceland, along with wishes of children from all over the world.
I just wanted to thank you for your great blog.  It all started with the “Warm Hand” template, which inspired me to build the entire unit.  Keep up all your great work!
– Marissa Despins
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