Cut and Tear Candle Card

I've found this card project to be perfect for kinders, especially if you want to be sensitive to all the different religions that may be in one classroom. Use red and green paper to make a Christmas card, blue and yellow to make a Jewish one, or red and black for Kwanza. Fortunately, all these religions use candles in their celebrations.
1. Most papers do have a grain to them and tear easily in one direction and not in the other. I've learned the hard way to figure this out first and give kids long pieces of construction paper (about 3" x 12") that will be easy to tear into long strips about 1" wide. They need to tear strips that are fuzzy on both edges.
2. Give the students a white piece of paper that is cut to 9" wide by 6" tall. The kids are to tear their long fuzzy strips into candles that fit on the white paper, touching the bottom edge and leaving a space at the top for the flame. The candles are then glued down.
3. Give the students a small square (about 4") of yellow construction paper and show them how to tear a small flame. They needn't worry about the shape, anything close to a small circle will look like a flame. These are glued down to the white paper, just above each candle stick.
4. After all 3 candles and flames have been glued to the white paper, show the students how to take a scissors and cut around each candle, leaving a white edge on each. I had pre-folded construction paper to a 6" x 9" size, and let each student choose their own color. With the card lying horizontally, the candles are lined up to the bottom edge and glued to the card. Trim excess candle if necessary.
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