Art Journaling 109

I’ve seen even really young students make some stunning collages with magazine photos. The most successful seem to be those with a theme, like those that collect swatches of similar color.
1. I’ve posted this idea before regarding color collages, but I think another approach is to do it with a more organized grid system. My journal pages measure 7" x 10" so I used a 2" template to trace and cut lots of swatches of blue from various magazines. I glued these swatches down, all side by side, forming a 3 column by 4 row grid.
2. After all the squares are in place, I used the themed blue colored pencils to fill in the rest of the page until all the white was gone.
3. Using a black Sharpie, I did my best to name all the various colors of blue. I admit that I cheated and googled to get some extra blue names, so maybe in class the kids could be asked to label just a few of their squares. The point is for them to realize that that there are many, many shades and variations of any one color, and naming them might bring a little more appreciation for all their subtleties.
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