Fine Line Marker Leaves

I find a lot of inspiration at stock art sites like and This came from a leaf illustration, which is simpler than it looks if you pencil yourself some guidelines first.
1. I started by drawing the center veins of each leaf, which kind of looked like a long main line with an "X” through it. Sketch lightly with a pencil. Continue drawing these until the paper is full.
2. Still using your pencil, draw the outside curved edge of each leaf as shown in the small corner diagram.
3. Using a fine tip marker such as this Stabilo set, draw parallel lines inside each leaf, taking care to start at the center vein and end at the pencil edge. Continue until the leaves are all filled in.
4. If large spaces are left, parts of a leaf could be added, coming in from the edge of the paper. When all are traced, erase the pencil guidelines around the leaf edges.

CA Visual Arts Standard: Grade Three, Creative Expression
2.1 Explore ideas for art in a personal sketchbook.
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