Pumpkin Tissue Paper Painting

Some tissue paper has an amazing ability to bleed when it is mixed with water. Cut-up squares can be used to control the color and make an easy way to paint...without the paint. Word of advice: not all tissue paper bleeds. My impression is that the cheaper variety from Michael's works best, but it is something you need to test before starting.
1. Older students can draw their own pumpkin, younger ones may need a template to trace. A horizon line is added. After the drawing is done in pencil, the lines should be traced with a permanent black marker.
2. My favorite is to get 2 values of orange, green and purple tissue paper. For instance, I cut up dark orange and light orange paper into 2 inch squares, along with dark and light green, and dark and light purple. The students are to wet their drawing with a brush, and then place the tissue paper on the spots they want to color. Working in sections, they should gradually cover their entire paper with colored tissue paper squares.
3. When finished, the tissue paper can be removed to reveal the color that has bled below. Beware, stained fingers seem to be unavoidable, unless gloves are used.
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