Gustav Klimt Drawing

An Austrian painter, Gustav Klimt lived in the early 1900's and started his career as a decorator. He is probably most famous for his painting named "The Kiss".
1. The first step is to give the students black construction paper, magazines with lots of people in them, scissors and a glue stick. Instruct the students to look for a person in the magazine that has exposed arms. They are to cut out the head and arms as three separate pieces.
2. The body parts will then be arranged on the black paper in the same manner they were in the magazine. Have the students carefully glue these down with a glue stick.
3. The fun part! You'll need some gold paint markers, which are not cheap, but they are SO fun to draw with. Explain again to the students that Klimt was considered a master at both decorating and painting and they are to fill in their person with an amazing, over-the-top piece of clothing and then lots of pattern all around the background until there is no more room. NOTE: The paint markers are not rated safe for young children. Use at your discretion with students that you trust will not stick them in their mouth or give classmates gold manicures.
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