Bandage Halloween Head

Halloween can offer lots of creative drawing opportunities, some even with valuable art principals. I got this drawing idea from a piece of clip art, and found that it helped to teach students how to make a round head look more dimensional, simply by adding curves instead of flat straight lines.
1. I made cardboard head templates to help my students get started. After they traced it in the middle of their paper, they drew one large eye, two circle dots for the nose, and a mouth. For the bandages, they made several curvy lines across the face. I demonstrated on the board how curvy lines would add roundness to the head, and how straight ones would simple make it look flat. To finish, any “unbandaged” area could have a few lines added, going in other directions. The goal was to have the face look like it was completely covered, without too many lines that would be hard to color in.
2. When the drawing was complete, all the pencil lines were traced with a fat black Sharpie.
3. All the areas of the face were then colored in with Crayola Construction Crayons. These work great on colored paper and almost give the look of pastels without the mess.
4. The face was cut out and glued onto a different color piece of construction paper.

CA Visual Arts Standard: Grade Four
2.1 Use shading (value) to transform a two-dimensional shape into what appears to be a three-dimensional form (e.g., circle to sphere).
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