Black Cat with Glowing Eyes

These glowing cat eyes are made from blending a few layers of pencil crayons. White on the bottom, then yellow, and for those interested in more detail, a bit of brown. Please note though, that the average pencil crayon and black construction paper won’t deliver these results. You need crisp black art paper and soft pencil crayons, such as the Prismacolor or Dick Blick brand to get the rich color against a very black background.
1. I gave the students a 7" square of black art paper, and had them follow my drawing steps, as shown above.
2. When complete, they traced all their lines with a white pencil crayon.
3. The students added a heavy layer of white pencil crayon around the pupils, and then added a golden yellow on top. Older students were shown how to add a bit of brown near the top edge to create a bit of a shadow.
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