Glue and Pastel Spiderweb

This basic glue and pastel process can be used with a variety of subject matter - this spiderweb worked well for little hands that were just learning how to control a glue bottle.
Week One: Distribute 9" x 12" sheets of black construction paper to each student. Ask them to make a dot with a pencil somewhere near the center of the paper. Show them how to draw straight lines out from the center, going to the edges of the paper: about 2 lines up, two to the right, then the left and the bottom edge. Next, they need to draw a series to concentric circles around the center dot. Encourage the students to keep the lines simple, with lots of space in between. Distribute a bottle of white glue to each and show them how to trace all their pencil lines. To keep control of the glue line, it helps to keep the nozzle dragging on the paper when they squeeze.
Week Two: After the glue has dried, give the students chalk pastels, and show them how to color on the paper, and then blend the powder in with their fingers. Rubbing is essential as it blends the chalk into the paper, and cleans it off the glue.
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