Halloween Monster Gloves

OK, so maybe this is more craft than art, but Halloween can be a great time to challenge your creative muscles. And if I could inspire even just one person to make something instead of buying that awful ready-made stuff in stores, I will be a happy camper.
1. The key is finding fake fur from fabric stores that matches the color of some knit gloves. I think that all black or all white are the easiest to look for. I cut the largest square of fur possible for the top of the glove, and hand-stitched in place. I think you could glue, but would need to put some kind of divider inside the glove to keep both sides from gluing together. If you really want to get "hairy", also add a small strip on the top of the thumb.
2. Once the fur is on, you need some stiff craft felt in the color of your desired fingernails. These are cut out and glued on also, taking care to keep the glue just on the top of the glove. Try making the nails really pointy for an extra scary look!
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