Bleach Pen Jeans

There seems to be lots of decorative art in fashion these days (think peasant / ethnic wear) and this is a good way to imitate that look without using a single needle or thread.
1. As part of a weekend class, I had students bring in an old pair of jeans. They first planned their decoration on paper so I could see if it was looking too intricate or not. Simple lines with lots of space between work best.
2. Once a paper plan seemed complete, students drew the design on the jeans with a sewing marker that washed out if mistakes were made.
3. Small swatches of cut-up denim were passed out for the kids to practice on. Each student needed their own Bleach Gel Pen, which you can find at many grocery stores or online. These pens take a little practice to make a smooth, thick line of bleach, but work great when you do.
3. Students drew over their sewing marker line with the bleach pens. Fat lines that look like the thickness of yarn were best. The jeans needed to dry at least a half hour after completing all the lines. The longer the wait to wash, the whiter the lines would be.
4. The bleach was rinsed out in water. Once the students got their clothing home, it needed to be machine washed and dried.
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