Hallway Pencil Poles

The hallway at my school just got a lot more fun, thanks to some amazing students and moms that finished our new “Hall of Pencils” today. 
1. Some very civic-minded graduates decided they wanted to help make our school more colorful, so they began this pencil project that had been on the PTA’s “to do” list for way too long. Students (from middle school) washed the poles, and primed them for painting.
2. A mom masked off the length to be painted yellow and students rolled on the color. Our hall is very long, so we have sections of yellow, red and blue pencils to add some variety.
3. The masking tape was removed and the top of the pole was hand painted eraser pink.
4. My super clever friend Kelly had the idea that something more than paint could be used to finish the pencils off. She found air duct tubing at the hardware store, cut it and stretched it out, and bolted the piece in place with a metal ring. Ta dah! Giant pencils for our students to enjoy as they walk to and from class.
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