Art Journaling 111

The goal I have for my journal is to fill up every single page, including the left hand sides. This post is an idea for making a 2-page drawing, one that goes across the center spine.
1. I placed my hand across my open journal and traced it with a pencil. Following the same angle of the fingers, I wrote “GOALS” as if extending from one finger, and the words “2009 – 2010 Year of School” below it. I decided to list my top 3 and added them at the same angle. I hope to reinforce to the students that when they write in their journal, they don’t necessarily need to write in horizontal lines.
2. To give texture to the large area on the left, I drew lots crosshatch lines with the Sharpie marker. On the right, all the writing was also traced with a thin Sharpie.
3. Lastly, I colored in the pages with a little oil pastel. My Portfolio brand of pastels are water soluable so if you brush water on top, it looks a bit like a painting.
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