Art Journaling 116

Aluminum foil and Sharpies are at work here, in addition to some extra texture rubbing.
1. This idea comes from “The Usborne Book of Art Projects” book, one of my favorite. I started by taking a plastic net that onions come in, and stretching it over a square of cardboard. With a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil placed on top, I lightly drew a rainbow trout fish with a pencil. I had help by looking at pictures on the internet, but students could look at colored pictures. The more details the students add, the more colorful their fish will look.
2. When the drawing was complete, I colored in all the rainbow colors of the fish (rubbing to get lots of bumps) and then traced the fish with a black marker. Dots may be added at the end. When complete, all the fish are cut out.
3. I painted the background of two journal pages with watercolor, leaving some sky space on the top. When the paint was dry, I arranged the fish and glued them down.
4. Lastly, I used a silver Sharpie to write a bit about these interesting fish, and added some details to the water too. This process might work well for any report that involves shiny, colorful animals.
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