How to Draw a Dragon

This was my son's favorite art project from his 5th grade school year. The popularity of the dragon theme had even some of my most hard-to-reach kids decide to give drawing another chance. I broke the drawing down into steps, had the students wait for everyone to finish each step, and I led by drawing an example on the board.
1. I cut out cardboard templates in the shape of the head to help all the students get a consistent start with their drawing. Have them place the template on a large paper as shown, 17" x 11" is good, and trace with a pencil. Next comes the neck, which extends to the right in a partial 'S' shape. A long horn is added to the top.
2. A pointy spine is added to the right of the neck.
3. The neck gets a curved parallel line in the middle and 'V' shapes going down the left side. Another horn coming out of the cheek is added. A small horn is added on top.
4. To complete the face with a curvy mouth, teeth curving down, an eye, nose and horns. When the drawing is complete, trace with a black marker and have fun coloring in!
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