Ceramic Cupcakes

I saw this project over at Artsonia.com a while back and it's been a huge hit. I use a kiln but you could air dry the clay and paint it with acrylics to get much of the same effect. I found silicone cupcake holders in the food dept at Michael's Arts & Crafts that make this process much easier.
1. Give each student one cupcake holder and enough clay to make a smooth ball about 2" in diameter. Then have them press the ball into the cupcake holder, first pressing in the center and then working the clay against the sides to form a bowl.
2. Have the students make another 2" ball and shape it into a small "pinch pot" for the cover.
3. Then, a small piece of clay is used to shape the cherry. Before attaching, the contact points of the cherry and the pinch pot top must be roughed up to assure solid contact. Smooth surfaces don't adhere well.
4. Either fire in a kiln or air dry and then cover with acrylic paint.
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