Tin Can-Can

I hate throwing away perfectly good containers, and soup cans are one of my favorite. They have these really great ridges around the center, and some bright paint can help accentuate them.
1. Save tin cans of all sizes, remove the labels and wash out well with soap and water.
2. I used yellow spray paint to cover the metal and let it dry at least an hour before class.
3. With painter's masking tape (the blue stuff from the hardware store) wrap sections of the can with stripes and or spots.
4. Distribute bright acrylic paint for the students to brush on over the tape and all. Let dry.
5. Remove the masking tape to reveal cool patterns. If more color is desired, repeat the tape and paint steps.
7. Spray the can with a sealer to keep the paint from getting chipped.
This can was painted by Julie, a 2nd grader.
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