Marker Self-Portrait

This is similar to some earlier marker and canvas art, but this is the first time I had students trace photos of their faces in a larger size. I love it!
1. For the first class, the students primed their 5"x7" canvas and I took a digital photo of them in front of a white wall. At home, I scaled the photos to fit a 5" x 7" size and printed them out on plain white paper. The photos were tapes to a matching piece of carbon paper, and then to a piece of dry wax paper (purchased at food supply stores).
2. In class, the students used a pencil to trace the edges of their faces. No shadows, only line art. The drawing lines will transfer to the wax paper. When the drawing is done, they can remove the photo and carbon paper. The entire drawing is traced and colored with permanent markers. I like the BIC brand as they have lots of skin tones in their large pack.
4. Set up a glue station with a 50/50 solution of white glue and water. The students apply the solution generously to their canvases AND to the backs of their portraits. Both sides need to be wet or else wrinkles will appear. A final coat of solution is also brushed over the top.
This art was created in an afterschool class by a 4th grader.
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