Paul Klee Doodle Drawing

One way to appreciate the masters is to try to copy them. A famous painting of Paul Klee’s titled “The Grooms Arrival” looks like one simple doodle drawing filled with different colors, which I thought my students would enjoy imitating.
1. I studied “The Grooms Arrival” to come up with a continuous line drawing for the ‘body’ that would pretty closely resemble the original. Using the board in my room, I had the students follow along with me as I drew my doodle example very slowly. They drew in pencil on some new paper I found – Staples® Bristol Board. (It comes in some very nice colors and is fade resistant too). The goal was to have them draw a large doodle with several crossover lines. When the ‘body’ was done, they could add arms and feet that also crossed over the body in some fashion. A hat, eyes and mouth were added.
2. With the drawing complete, the lines were traced with a fat black marker. Staples came through again with their own fat chisel-tip permanent markers that were much less expensive than Sharpies.
3. All of the closed shapes were colored in with colored pencils. My students used my Dick Blick pencils, which work well on colored paper. Construction Crayons would be good too, I’m sure.
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