How to Draw a Turkey

I found this turkey shape in a stock art illustration, and I think it works well for a basic turkey drawing lesson. It also uses radial symmetry, which is one of the Arts Standards for the 2nd grade.
1. I plan to have the students follow along with my drawings steps as shown in my diagram. The most important thing is that they draw large and fill up the paper they are given.
2. After the pencil drawing is complete, they will trace all their lines with a black Sharpie. I like the variety of using some thick and some with fine points.
3. This turkey is actually painted in with instant coffee and then sprinkled with salt before it dries. The salt soaks up bits of the water and leaves a cool textured look behind. A bit of red orange paint completes the picture.
4. When the coffee is completely dry, brush off the crystals to reveal the texture pattern behind.

CA Visual Arts Standard: Grade Two
2.5 Use bilateral or radial symmetry to create visual balance.
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