Monotone Self Portrait Drawing

I like using grids to help students set up their drawings, and often that can be done by just folding the paper to make creases. But with heavier card stock, that doesn’t work so well. For this project I made a grid template to fix the problem, and support the drawing of symmetrical features as well.
1. Download my grid paper HERE, and print a sheet for each student. I like the cream card stock from Staples. Following the steps shown above, students first make marks as shown in Sheet 1 to indicate where the face shape should fall on the grid. Note the dark lines and where the pencil lines fit within them. They will help students draw the proper face proportions with equal spaces between the eyes, bottom of nose and chin.
2. Students draw the chin and center the curves of the cheeks.
3. They continue the curves up to meet the marks at the top of the paper.
4. Eyes are drawn, centered on the dark line. Correct proportions have the space between the eyes the same as the width of the eyes.
5. The nose is drawn with the bottom ending on a dark line.
6. The mouth is centered between the nose and chin.
7. The neck and shoulders are added.
8. Hair is added, making sure that it is a bit wider than the face.
9. All of the pencil lines are traced with a black Sharpie.
10. Using one colored pencil, the hair, lips and shirt are colored in heavily to make a dark shade.
11. The skin is shaded in lightly. 
12. Students that are interested in shading may press hard along the edges to make shadows.
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