Valentine Art Trading Cards

I adapted my earlier “Hearts of Many Colors” project, thanks to having some Strathmore Art Trading Cards on hand. They are made to work with a variety of media, but I think I’ll save them now just for watercolor.
1. Crayola makes a great Watercolor Mixing Paint Set that has allows for wider variety of color mixing. Students were given paint, paper trading cards, small brush and water (no pencils!) and were to paint rows of hearts, as small as possible but within their abilities. Skipping the pencil is important as students could practice “drawing” with their brushes.
2. While the cards were drying, students were allowed to write messages on matching colored paper with a gel pen.
3. The hearts and message card are slid, back to back in a penny sleeve. I buy mine at a local comic book store that caters to the “Pokemon” crowd.
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