Zack’s Abstract Cats

This marker drawing project was inspired by a “Jazzy Cat” painting in the AliceinParis Etsy Shop. I love the simple white cats with the super colorful background.
1. Start by drawing a foreground cat with a simple face and add shoulders below. Add another cat behind, with simple shoulders, and continue until the page is full. (Note: This art was drawn on coated paper, similar to slippery fingerpainting paper. The marker color just looks much richer on it.)
2. Trace all the lines with a black Sharpie marker. Add color only for small parts of the cat face, the body may have only black patterns added to it.
3. Fill in the background with one chisel tip Sharpie marker, taking care to leave no spots.
Thanks to Zack G., a talented 1st grader, for letting me share his artwork. Aren’t his cats too adorable?
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