Rainbow Collage in Progress...

Here’s a new idea I had today – to make one giant class collage instead of a lot of half-done individual ones. I started with a piece of paper measuring about 8 feet wide by 1 foot tall. Students cut out swatches of color from magazines, and left them in their designated piles under the collage. I was the “master glue stick lady” and got to be sure that all swatches were securely attached. The collage only looks good when it has a really smooth surface. It took four one-hour classes of twenty four kids to get this filled out from edge to edge today. I love that the kids were engaged with a sense of teamwork, and that I now have a really nice piece of art for our front office. Oh, and the cost? About $4 worth of glue sticks and maybe $8 of clear packing tape for a pseudo-laminated look when complete.
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