Outdoor Mural Update

The colors still look great, but there was a fair amount of wrinkling going on due to the wet canvas shrinking in the middle and not on the dry white border. My next test is to see if wetting the outside edge with the 50/50 glue mixture will fix this, or if I just need to trim the mural out and get rid of the border. I can live with either as I’m so happy with the vivid, bright colors. Rough price for 50" x 60" piece of unstretched primed canvas? $15. Possibilities for outdoor art? Many! Final mural will be posted Monday.

An experiment – Dry Wax Paper panels glued to unstretched primed canvas. When complete, I’ll add grommets to the corners and hang outdoors to see how weatherproof it is. Note: This was created with Sharpies and my Kandinsky Circles Mural template.
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