Art Journaling Watercolor Blocks

I started an afterschool class for art journaling last year, and this is one of the first projects I started with. The goal was to find a fun way to mix writing with drawing.
1. After review of art journal pages over on Flickr, I decided to make a colorful background pattern that I would write on when complete. I used 3" square Post-Its to move around on my journal page as I drew radiating lines over the edges with a fine black Sharpie marker.
2. I colored in the squares lightly with watercolor pencils, and painted over them with water to make a painting. The space around the squares were also colored and painted.
3. After the painting was dry, I wrote a few notes about my day inside the squares with a few different gel pens. Overall, I like the overlapping transparent look to the squares and think this process has more possibilities...
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