Marker Self-Portraits: 3rd Grade

I’d like to share a special “commissioned” artwork that I finished recently using a talented 3rd grade’s self-portrait art. They made two portrait drawings – one went on the popsicle boards for Father’s Day, and one was saved for this composite.
1. I started with a digital photo of each student in front of a white wall. At home, I scaled the photos to fit a 5" x 7" size and printed them out on plain white paper. The photos were taped to a matching piece of carbon paper, and then to a piece of dry wax paper (purchased at food supply stores).
2. In class, the students used a pencil to trace the edges of their faces on the photo. They had to press hard to make the drawing lines transfer to the wax paper. When the drawing was done, the photo and carbon paper were removed and tossed.
3. The entire drawing was colored with permanent markers. The edges could remain in pencil, or could be traced with a fine black Sharpie. I like the BIC brand as they have lots of skin tones in their large pack.
NOTE: Upon completion of the portraits, I realized I wanted a border with a name around each image to add more color. I made one master and traced and colored it differently for each. If I had to do this again, I would have the students this. I added a row of squares on the top and bottom to fill in the extra space.
4. I made a 50/50 solution of white glue and water. I applied the solution generously to the canvas AND to the backs of their borders and portraits. Both sides need to be wet or else bubbles will appear. After placing the portraits on the canvas, a final coat of solution was also brushed over the top. I love all the overlapped edges, which were actually an accident, and the result of my poor math skills, I guess.
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