Bobby Pin Fashion Face

I saw this bobby pin idea used on a hairstylist’s business card. It’s too good not to use for a fashion illustration exercise.
1. You will need to pre-cut with an x-acto knife, about a 1.25" curved slots on card stock paper for each student.
2. I found it best to make the drawing first. With a pencil, continue the curve shape to make the head, and then fill in the face. Trace all with a thin black marker and color with colored pencils. A body could be added if time and space permits. If you do, remember that fashion illustration is all about making extra long and slender shapes
so encourage exaggerated bodies.
3. When the coloring is done, about 14 hair pins are slid into the slotted curve and arranged as desired.

CA Visual Art Standard: Creative Expression, Grade One
2.7 Use visual and actual texture in original works of art.
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