Art Journaling 106

I’m on a quest to find quick, inexpensive ways to layer art. I’ve always admired those adult journals that just seemed stuffed with creativity. This watercolor page was fun, but I think it would look even better with children’s handwriting on it.
1. I started with warm-colored watercolor paints and filled a journal page, overlapping the swatches until the page was full.
2. I placed some of those little reinforcement circles on the paper, colored over with crayon, and then peeled them off. Note: The circles stuck a little too well and I had to use a pin to pry them off, even after using one several times.
3. My writing inspiration came from the famous opener “Once upon a time”. I’m thinking that you could ask the students to write that across the top of the page. They could imagine the beginning of some story, draw an image to go with it, and write the opening sentences somewhere. If the kids are just asked to begin a story, and not necessarily worry about an ending, they might have more fun with the creative possibilities.
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