Fauve Portraits

The primary mission of Fauve artists in the late 1800's was to work with vibrant and unnatural color. Van Gogh, Gauguin and other artists wanted their art to be new and modern, much like the technology that was developing around them.
1. If your budget permits, give each student a canvas panel to work with – they really add to the professional look of the artwork. If not, a very thick paper is needed to support the paint. Students should first draw with pencil a very simple portrait. Round face, simple eyes, nose and mouth and hair. No small details.
2. Distribute very bright acrylic paint and brushes. Starting with the skin, the students are to choose a color that they think is the opposite of what it should be. Fill all the skin in with paint, leaving the eyes, nose and mouth empty (layering dulls the colors). Continue with the rest of the portrait, always choosing unusual colors.
3. After the paint has dryed, pass out small brushes and black acrylic paint. The students are to paint a thin black line where all their pencil lines use to be, to finish off the painting.

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