Watercolor Buildings

This project takes advantage of the pretty textures that you can create with watercolor and crayon rubbings, but keeps colors from bleeding together. That’s because the buildings are cut out separately and glued onto the background. I like how it keeps the edges clean and crisp.
1. Two large pieces of white drawing paper are needed. One is for the background, where a ground and sky are painted with watercolors.
2. The other paper needs to roughly be divided into three sections. A texture crayon rubbing is made on each section, using a different color crayon on each. To make the rubbing have texture, place something rough under the white paper and then rub it with the peeled side of a crayon. You can use sandpaper, or plastic netting, or plastic embroidery grids. When the paper is covered, the students are to paint over the 3 crayon sections with 3 different watercolors. Let dry.
3. The students take the crayon paper and cut apart the three sections they have made. A building is drawn on each with a black crayon. Simple rectangles work fine. It may help to have photos of buildings to look at for inspiration.
4. When all the buildings are drawn, they are cut out, taking care not to cut off the black edge. Lastly, they are glued to the background paper with a glue stick.
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