Cut & Tear Candle Card

This is a simple card project that has been my holiday staple for kinders for years. Just change the colors to blue and gold for Hanukkah, or pink or blue for custom birthday cards.
 Prep: Test the grain of the paper you plan to use. Most paper is vastly easier to tear in one direction than the other, and directing students to tear the easy way will ease frustration.
1. I gave each student a 6" x 9" piece of blue paper, and asked them to tear many fat strips across the 6" side, so that they will have at least three 6" x 1" ish candles that are torn on both sides. Next, they tear off one end so that the candles are all about 4" tall. These three candles are glued to the bottom of a horizontal 6" x 9" white paper.
2. Each student gets a small piece of yellow paper and are to make a flame by tearing out a small irregular shape. These are glued down to the white paper, just above the candles.
3. Each candle on the white paper is cut out, leaving a small amount of white paper around each. Those final candles are glued down to a pre-folded to a 6" x 9" horizontal card.
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