Watercolor Gingerbread Cookie

My new watercolor project, Gingerbread Cookie Boy (or Girl, of course).  Kinders can concentrate on just drawing a large, symmetrical shape while 1st and 2nd graders can try adding a shadow to give their cookie more dimension.
1. I drew a large, symmetrical cookie shape on a letter size piece of watercolor paper. The outline was traced in crayon, and thick bands of color were added to resemble fat lines of frosting. White lines always brighten up the art, so I added a few. To make a shadow, color a black edge on one side of the cookie as shown.
2. I used brown Dick Blick liquid watercolor paint and filled in the cookie, over all the crayon. Lastly, the background was painted. You just can't beat how great crayons and watercolor paint work together!
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