Clothespin Horse

Even though this little horse looks simple, it takes a bit of finessing to make the legs stand and to clip all the pieces together. Gluing in stages should help reduce any frustration.
1. I started with a couple of jumbo popsicle sticks and cut out two 3" strips. These were overlapped just a bit and glued together to make the belly.
2. Next I cut a round end about 2.5" long for the neck, and a strip about 1.5" long for the head. These two were glued together, and a little ear was added on top.
3. For the tail, I found some of the thinnest sticks and cut them with the grain to make some long irregular shapes.
4. Open the clothespins to clip onto the belly. Add the head in the front and tail sticks on the back. Glue all in place if you don’t want your horse to become a pile of sticks!

CA Visual Arts Standard: Grade One
2.5 Create a representational sculpture based on people, animals, or buildings.
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