How to Draw Chinese Lanterns

This year, the Chinese New Year starts on Monday, January 23rd. It is the most important event in the Chinese calendar and lots of paper lanterns are often hung for decorations. Their bright colors and tubular shape make for some great basic shading practice.
1. When drawing groups of three, it helps to draw the middle first to keep the art balanced. I started by drawing with the center lantern. Then I drew the top and bottom of the right lantern, making sure it was a bit lower on the page. The connecting zig-zag lines were added. The smallest left lantern was drawn in the same manner, just a little higher on the page. Drawing the lanterns progressively smaller as shown will give perspective to the drawing.
2. I traced all the lines with a permanent, chisel tip black marker.
3. To make a highlight in the center of each lantern, I heavily colored the middle section of each with a white pastel. Then I chose different pastel colors and blended the colors to make a graduated tint in the center of each. Finally, the background color was added.
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