First Printmaking Project

I learned in my afterschool printmaking class, once again, that keeping things simple really helps when introducing young students to a new media.
1. I purchased some foam gingerbread men, knowing they would make great printmaking shapes. My prep work consisted of gluing one of these to the middle of a 9" x 12" chip board and letting it dry overnight.
2. During class time, students were given a brayer and access to many sheets of colored cardstock paper. I showed them how to evenly roll acrylic paint over their gingerbread man. A piece of paper was placed on top, rubbed a bit, and then lifted to reveal the print. The goal was to get 3 clear prints that had solid white figures on them with no holes or large blobs.
3. Our prints dried quickly, so after students printed at least 3, and cleaned up their area, they were able to go back and draw many details in their prints with oil pastels.
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