Flag Mural from Dublin, GA

I am so happy to share this amazing creation, made recently by the residents of Southland Nursing Home, in Dublin, Georgia. Claire Livingston, a volunteer who works regularly with the seniors, planned this project that I hear was a huge success. In fact, here is what she wrote about the completion of the flag:

“When I went to Southland Nursing Home this morning to help hang the mural they painted, the activities director made an announcement over the loud speaker that we were putting it up and for everyone to come down.

We hung it in the large room that is used for a variety of functions. It was the only space we could find big enough to put it. Many of the residents came down to see us put it up, including the ones who worked on it. They all clapped when we put the last piece in place. Mr. “CJ” (lower right) said that “it makes me proud, so proud”...

If you look at it close up, you can see the shaky lines, the uneven paint, the blobs and smudges, made by hands that have done a lot in their 80+ years. But standing back and looking at it, the flag is absolutely breathtaking. Honestly, it brings tears to your eyes.”

I couldn’t put it better myself. Thank you Claire, and all the artists at Southland Nursing Home.

NOTE: Here’s an overview of Claire’s panel production. She printed them out large (10"x12") and traced them on to pre-cut illustration board with old-fashioned carbon paper. After determining how many colors were needed, she gave each color a number and wrote them in the appropriate places on the boards. The panels were hung on the wall with Command Strips.
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