Gelarti Painted Bottle

Gelarti Activity Kits let kids makes their own peel-off stickers, but I opted to put aside the stencils and just make my own colorful Kandinsky bottle instead. It was super easy as I just painted right on my bottle and let it dry.
1. Five tubes of paint come in a kit. They have little nozzles which make it easy to squirt and draw your shapes. I started with blocking out the squares, and then filling them in with concentric circles. The paint takes awhile to dry so when one side is done, let it dry flat for several hours.
2. Rotate the bottle and fill up another side with stacked squares with circles inside. Having variety in the width of the circles will add interest. Continue until all the sides are complete. It makes a very pretty bottle that catches lots of light in a window. Go to for more info.
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