Magazine Color Study

I started this page with the idea of repeating circles, and just played around from there. I think it could be a good exercise in harmony as I tried to fill solid circles with colors that appeared in the cut out photos.
1. Use a small lid to trace circles on paper. I think it looks best when you can have at least 3 going across the page.
2. The same lid is used to trace and then cut circles out of old magazines. I wanted a lot of circles to color in so I cut and pasted only four photos.
3. The remaining circles I colored in with pencil crayon, trying to use only colors I saw in the photos.
4. The background was filled in with a color that was not already used.
5. The edges of the circles were retraced with a black marker, and color names written in the corresponding circles. I think I’d like to try this again with watercolor pencils to see if closer color matches could be made, but I do like the pattern.
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