Homemade Hospital Gown Drive

When I returned to Haiti with Project HOPE Art this last July, we once again visited our friend Megan Coffee at the Ti Kay clinic near the General Hospital in Port-Au-Prince. Ti Kay is a medical non-profit organization that aims to treat and prevent tuberculosis in Haiti. Dr. Coffee and her staff do amazing work in the very small facilities shown above, and have been acknowledged by many, including former president Bill Clinton.

Project HOPE Art would like to support Ti Kay by taking down a new set of bright, cheery and colorful handmade hospital gowns next January. My sample gown above was made using a free online pattern that you can find at Lazy Girl Designs. Our goal is to deliver 30 adult and 20 children gowns to brighten the surroundings at the clinic. You may send goods to: Melissa Schilling, 2201 Carroll Street, Ste 5, Oakland, CA 94606. Thanks a million to any and all who are interested in participating in this drive. I know I have some of the kindest and most generous readers ever!
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