Painting with Tea Bags

Some of my favorite art journal pages just have a sense of freedom to them. The paper can be spotty and messy, headlines can go at the bottom instead of the top, and writing can go sideways and even upside down. No worries, just paint and draw and write and have fun!
1. Put a teabag in a few tablespoons of hot water to make some really strong tea. Note: Test the different teas first, a cinnamon type worked much better than Lipton. Using a brush or the wet teabag, smear the paper with tea, leaving some blotches and white spots. Let dry.
2. Draw a cat across the pages with a pencil, and trace with a brown Gelly Roll pen.
3. Write block letters for a title and shade in the edges.
4. Write about your cat in the area remaining. The writing may go up and down and follow the shape of the tail. 
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