Markers + Crayons + Watercolor Cat

A sketchy illustration of a cat inspired this new combination – drawing with Sharpies, then tracing the marker lines (heavily) with a white crayon. Wobbly and off center lines are welcome, just as long as they are thick.
1. Draw a cat in pencil on a sheet of watercolor paper as shown above. Make sure that the ears touch the top of the paper, and the body touches the bottom. This is a fool proof way to fill the page with your art.
2. Trace all the pencil lines with a black Sharpie marker.
3. Trace all the marker lines with a white crayon. No worries about being exact, just press hard. Repeat and trace again. Add any other crayon line details that are desired. No coloring in though!
4. Use liquid watercolors if you can to fill in the body and the background. The white lines will add a bit of “energy” or glow around your cat.

Thanks to Nathan B., a 2nd grader, who painted this today and is allowing me to share it with all of you.
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