Tie-Dye Looking T-Shirts

This was a big hit today in my afterschool class today – a pseudo tie dying project but without all the unsafe ingredients. My sample had just a couple of circles on it, but these creative students filled their shirts with lots of color, I love it!!
1. I found cheap white t-shirts at my local Dollar Tree store. Each student started by a placing small baby food jar inside their shirt, and stretching a small rubber band around the top. Any open jar would work, but having a rim for the rubber band to rest in really helped. They used permanent markers to draw designs inside each circle.
2. Using a small eye dropper, drops of rubbing alcohol were slowly dripped in the center of each jar. The colors will spread and grow. When the colors have stopped spreading, the rubber band may be removed.
3. The shirts need to have some heat applied before washing them, either with a dryer or iron. This will help set the colors.
Thanks to Athena and Hannah for letting me share their beautiful designs.
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