Geometric Print Man

When introducing printmaking to young students, it helps to keep things simple. Sometimes the most striking images are the result.
1. Each student should receive one 9" x 12" chipboard, a smaller piece of posterboard for the body, scissors and white glue. Instruct the students to cut geometric shapes from the posterboard to make a figure from a circle, squares and rectangles. Circle templates help to make round heads, if desired. Encourage students to make arms and legs with two sections that can bend and show action. After a figure is made, it is to be glued down firmly to the center of the chipboard.
2. Each student needs a brayer, rolling plate, printing ink and several sheets of 9" x 12" manila paper. Demonstrate how they can roll the ink on the plate with their brayer until it is evenly coated, then roll it onto their cardboard figure until evenly covered. The manila paper is pressed down on the inked board, and then pulled back to reveal the print. Have the students try to make several prints until a "clean" image is produced – one that is evenly covered with ink.
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