Masking Tape Letter

I tried this masking tape and marker project with kinders and they really enjoyed it. The students were given full permission to scribble, and actually had time to do both their initials in their hour of class time.
Note: I recommend testing your tape on your paper first to see if it comes off without tearing. I used blue painter’s masking tape on some donated coated paper. I’d say some paper came off with the tape maybe 10% of the time, but other combinations may fare better.
1. I began by writing block letters on the board. Two other adults and I tore lots of pieces of tape and stuck them around on the desks so each student could concentrate on making their letters with straight lines (not too easy with curvy "S" and others).
2. I handed out my well-worn collection of Sharpie markers and let each student go to town. They were encouraged to just scribble over the entire paper with lots of colors. When a teacher said they had colored enough, they peeled off the tape. Voila! A perfect white letter!
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